Unusual Booties for Girls

Are you tired from seeing the same styles of boots in every store? Sometimes we want a style that is completely different from the usual black. If you are one of these girls, check the following boots.

Full Steam Metallic Boot

The Full Steam by Diba. This bootie looks like it’s made of metal, but it’s just leather. It features a side zipper and a 1 ½ inch block heel. Available in sizes 5 ½ to 10.

Kaelin Snake Boot

From metal to snakes: the Kaelin by Michael Antonio. The metallic snake print makes it special. It features an open toe box, front zipper, a 6 inch heel and a 1 ½ inch platform. Available in green, red, and white.

Major Goal Boot

From metals and snakes to a ragged look: the Major Goal by Unlisted. There are slits all over it, and a lace up vamp. A rounded toe box, and a small ½ inch heel completes it.

Cute Black Shoes With Rhinestones

Black is one of the best colors to go in a shoe decorated with rhinestones. We love them, and so we found styles that you will love too. A beautiful black shoe with rhinestones, be it covered in them, or just some detail, will make you shine on the catwalk.

Too Now Black Rhinestones Shoes

This is the Too Now by 2 Lips Too. A beautiful sandal, featuring a 5 inch heel, and a 1 inch platform. The rhinestones cover the ankle strap, and the vamp. Look at the black stones that go with it. Besides that, the fabric is soft, to complete the look. It will sure be a plus to your look.

Raymond Michael Antonio Black Rhinestones Shoes

This is the Raymond by Michael Antonio Studio. Another amazing style from this successful brand. It features a 5 ½ inch heel, and a 1 ½ inch platform, with a closed toe box. The ankle cuff features buttons and the front is covered in rhinestones, just like the tip of the shoe. Can you hear it inviting you to party?

Kiss N Tell Luichiny Black Rhinestones Shoes

This is the Kiss N Tell by Luichiny. The powerful combination of silver and black. Look at the beautifully designed straps, decorated with rhinestones. You don’t find a design like this every day. More than that, it features a 5 inch heel, and a 1 ½ inch platform. Oh, and it’s a metallic heel. Wear it, kiss a lot, and never tell.

Prom Shoes for Girls

The prom is a special occasion for every girl. We want you to be beautiful in such a special day. So, we show you shoes that will make you shine and attract all the looks.

Pettal Prom Shoes

This is the Pettal by Badgley Mischka. A beautiful pump with an open toe box, detailed with stones. It features a 5 inch heel and a ¾ inch platform. The white is pretty, but if you want, they are available in other colors, like red, green and clay. An amazing choice, that let your feet breath, while it makes you beautiful.

Lavender Prom Shoes

This is the Lavender II by Badgley Mischka. Another prom shoe with an open toe box, and a beautiful shiny detail over it. Although it looks simpler than the one above, it can go well with some dresses. This peep toe features a 4 inch heel, and it’s available in green and white.

Unite Black Prom Shoes

This is the Unite Something Blue by Betsey Johnson. It’s the shoe to make you the prom queen, nothing less than that. It features a 5 inch heel, and an ankle strap decorated with rhinestones. And it’s a peep toe, to make your feet comfortable. It’s available in black, white, or blue. This is a favorite, for sure.

The prom is the day you will remember forever, and you deserve to be at your best. Choose the right shoe, and every time you look at it in the future, the good feelings of this wonderful night will come back!

Unleash Yourself With These Leopard Print Shoes by Blink

From the series: “shoes that make you beautiful without making you go broke”. These are the shoes we really like, and Blink has a lot of them. Now we shoe three styles with leopard prints. These have been a trend for some time now, and they are not fading soon.

Dierdraa Blink Leopard Shoes

The Dierdraa by Blink is the pointed toe pump that was missing from your wardrobe. A beautiful leopard print, with a sexy red toe box. It features a 4 inch heel, that is in the middle, not too high, nor too low, making it adequate for a lot of situations. Beauty with comfort.

Kadiee Blink Leopard Bootie

The Kadiee by Blink is another pretty leopard print shoe. This time, a bootie. It features a zipper in the lateral, making it really quick to use. Not only that, but a 4 inch heel, and a 1 inch platform. You are already thinking of places to go with it, right?

Balii Blink Leopard Pump

The Balii by Blink. A pump with a rounded toe box, 4 inch heel, and our beloved leopard print. Such a simple and beautiful design, a true eye candy. This shoe will go with you to lots of places.

Now you have no more excuses to buy that leopard shoe you have been thinking about. Enjoy these incredible styles by Blink Shoes.

Three Wonderful Styles by Blink Shoes

Blink is one of our favorite brands. In this article we show three styles that fir in your wardrobe.

Blink Briaa Rhinestones Shoe

The Briaa by Blink is a shoe available in four colors: light and dark blue, red, and black. They are decorated with rhinestones, feature a 5 inch stiletto heel and a 1 inch platform. A stable and high shoe that you can use in a lot of situations, and combine with many outfits.

Gagacyy Blink Shoe

The Gagacyy by Blink features a different, curved design for the heel. It’s available in orange and black colors. It has a 5 inch heel, and a 1 inch platform. All this comes with an adjustable ankle strap. For sure it’s nothing like what you already have.

Red Boot Blink

The Braxx by Blink is a tall boot, featuring a 5 inch heel, and a 14 inch shaft! You will feel tall and protected. It’s available in red, tan and black. You can see in the picture that the fabric is very soft.

These are beautiful designs, with a price that won’t make you go broke, as it’s usual from Blink to make beautiful shoes accessible for girls with good taste, but that don’t want to spend a ton of money on a pair of shoes.

Three Beautiful Iridescent Blue Shoes by Privileged

Blue iridescent shoes are not the ones you see everyday in the streets. They are great for going to a party where you want to attract all the looks. These are not just shiny shoes, they have a different print, that gives the special look.

Blue Iridescent Shoe

This is the Heat by Privileged. It is covered in blue, with color gradients. With that, a 4 ½ inch stiletto heel and a golden details on the ankle strap.

Blue Iridescent Shoe

This is another one, the Stromy by Privileged. If you are feeling bolder, this has the same blue and green print, but with a 6 ½ inch heel, and a 2 inch platform. Look at the detailed heel.

Blue Iridescent Shoe

The third one, the Thirsty by Privileged. With the same green and blue iridescent print, it features a 1 ½ inch platform, and a 5 ½ inch heel. Another beautiful sandal.

Feel Like a Princess Wearing Rhinestone Shoes

If you love wearing shiny accessories, there’s one that you must have: rhinestone shoes. These shoes are covered by rhinestones, which makes them perfect for an evening occasion, like your wedding, your friends’ wedding, or the prom. Any kind of party, really.

Rhinestone Shoes Black

When using a dress, they can make all the difference between a dull or a standout look. When you are out with your boyfriend, you want to be the only girl that he looks at, and this shoe can add an extra touch to make you this girl.

If you are single, go to the club wearing these and you will have all the guys looking and complimenting you. But be warned that other girls may become jealous of all the attention you will receive.

Rhinestone sandals

Another amazing feature of these shoes is that you don’t need a party to wear them. You can find sandals with rhinestones too. These are really nice for a casual sunset walk on the beach. Besides that, you can find shoes totally or partially covered by rhinestones.

Rhinestone Shoes - Blue

If you prefer something not too shiny, but still want some glitter. There are styles where the rhinestones cover just a detail, like lace, or a flower. You can have it in the right amount to feel comfortable.

The most popular are silver rhinestones, but today you can find them in almost any color. And they don’t have to match the underlying shoe color. You can find shoes that have a different color than the rhinestones in them.

Click here to see a lot of rhinestone shoes!

Why Buy Gladiator Sandals The Next Time You Go Shopping

You probably know what gladiator sandals are. They have been around for some time, but are still a great fashion choice. If you don’t have some in your wardrobe, or want to buy new ones, these are the reasons to do it.

Gladiator Sandals

Gladiator Sandals

They can be used with a wide variety of outfits. There are lots of styles of these sandals, which makes some of them suitable to use with dresses and skirts, and others appropriate to occasions where a jeans or a shorts may look better. They are quite straightforward to use, just put them with your favorite dress and go to a mirror. You are the best judge.

If you still haven’t found your favorite gladiator sandal, keep looking. As with any other shoes, it’s important that you feel good while using them, and that you like what you see in the mirror. Take into account the places and occasions where you plan to use them, and the kinds of clothes you have. At the end of this article we link to a wide collection, where you can find a style that suits your preferences.

Red Gladiator Sandals

Red Gladiator Sandals

There are many different materials, brands, and textures available. The majority of the designs are discreet, but there are metallic styles, and some with bright colors. Remember that shoes with bright colors usually draw a lot of attention to them, so they are not adequate to every situation.

The most noticeable feature: the straps. You will find sandals with lots of them, close together, or separated, but they always have straps. Too many straps will make your leg look shorter, so pay attention to this detail. At the same time, these sandals usually make the feet look wider.

Black Gladiator Sandals

Black Gladiator Sandals

It’s important to choose well, because they are very durable, and you will probably use them for a long time after you buy. At first it’s good to choose neutral colors and designs, for your adaptation.

The last feature we love about them is that you can choose different sizes of heels. Be it high, medium, or low, you can take what you like, and still show your feet in these cute shoes. I bet you are tired of reading, and want to see some shoes now.

Click here to see a wide collection of the hottest gladiator sandals.

Why Thousands of Women Are Buying Espadrilles, And You Should Too

The first thing that comes to your head when you look at Espadrilles is the summer. It’s almost impossible to look at them and not think about it. The Sun shining high, and the warm feeling in your feet during a long walk in the beach. A long time ago they were shoes for peasants, but now they are a summer trend that won’t fade soon. If you’ve never heard about, now you will know why there are lots of women growing fond of them.


You can use it every day. We talk about summer, but they are so comfortable that they can be used almost any day. There are a variety of styles and designs: open, closed, high, medium, and low heels, etc. Every day designers are coming up with new ideas, and improving this already amazing shoe. And more, they can be used with lots of different outfits: a light dress, shorts, or even with jeans.

One thing you will surely notice is comfort. They were originally used by peasants. As you already know, peasants didn’t have a lot of money to spend on shoes (well, we still never have ENOUGH money to spend on shoes, do we?), so they had few pairs of shoes, and had to use it all day. This shows that espadrilles were crafted to be used for long periods of time without hurting your feet.


It’s hard to look at them and not think of a relaxing day. The natural fibers remember us of a tropical paradise during vacation. The good news is that we can have a vacation every day using these. Or at least give a break to our feet from the high-heeled office shoes.

The natural fiber look calls for a lighter outfit, more adequate to the summer and spring. But some styles mix this natural appeal with modern prints. It’s really a novelty, and we are far from knowing all the situations in which they can be used. In a way, espadrilles awaken a childish desire to experiment, play, and combine.


There are lots of brands from which you can choose your next, or your first, espadrille. How exciting is it? We never forget our shoes, but the first are always special. Take a look at this extensive collection of beautiful espadrille designs. If you can’t find one you like here, I don’t know where else to look.

Click here to see the collection

If you haven’t heard of Blink you are probably paying too much for shoes.

This brand has a commitment to bring you designs from the runways with affordable prices. It takes only a look through their extensive shoe collection to see this. You find the classics, which never leave the fashion trends, or the fresh, just out of the designer head, that are setting the new trends. I bet you can find the shoe you are looking for to add to your collection.

This is almost a secret, because not many people know about this brand. While they are paying a lot of money for the same design, you now know where to look for to keep up, without going broke. Why pay a lot of money when you can get a better design for less?


Blink Shoes
Briaa – Ultra Blue Rhinestones Blink

But, be warned, wearing Blink shoes attract looks, jealous looks, and raises many questions from other women. They will want to know where you bought these “cute” shoes. Well, cute is just one of the adjectives women use to refer to shoes from Blink.

We should not forget that looks aren’t everything, so it’s really important that the shoes are comfortable. These are not the shoes you will take out because your feet are in pain, these are the shoes you will want to keep on, because you feel so good in them.

Brendaa - Mustard Patent Blink

Brendaa – Mustard Patent Blink


Well, I could write a book about the experience of using Blink shoes, but I will never be able to describe what it really feels like. The only, and best, way to feel it, is using it. Only you can do it, choose one from this amazing collection, and give it a try, join the club!

Click here to go to the Blink Shoes Collection.